A Letter From Our CEO

man writing a letter

Welcome to Greater State Bank

Come experience Genuine Hometown Banking!

Our core values are centered and based around what we call Genuine Hometown Banking. If you are from South Texas, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Our customers have grown to expect a level of service that goes above and beyond typical standards.  We are a community bank surrounded by larger banks of unlimited size and resources.  If you are a consumer or a small business person, you understand clearly the challenges we all encounter competing against the “big guys”.  At Greater State Bank, our experienced group of bankers is focused on delivering a high level of quality customer service.   We are all from South Texas and our senior management team offers an average of  28 years in the banking industry helping South Texans find solutions to their banking needs.    Equally important, Greater State Bank’s Board of Directors is made up of local business people with strong roots in the communities we serve.  Our Board of Directors includes:  Chairman – Robert L. Lozano, Foss Jones, and David Salinas (McAllen), Bud Payne (Weslaco), Vice Chairman – C.T. “Pete” Hornsby, Bill Talley (Premont, Falfurrias and Hebbronville) and Oscar Galindo (Founding Director Emeritus).  They know South Texas and the unique challenges and opportunities that exist. 

Greater State Bank customers have come to realize that our proven expertise provides a value added resource to them and their businesses.  Whether you want to meet one on one in our office before, during, or after hours or if you prefer that one of our commercial bankers visit your place of business, just let us know.  Quite frankly, we would rather visit customers at their place of business in order to get a more thorough understanding and perspective of their banking needs.

We frequently have individuals coming to see us because they have heard that we follow the core fundamentals of banking “the way it used to be”.  We pride ourselves in still being able to provide that person to person contact that so many customers still want and need.  A very common complaint we hear from individuals coming into our bank for the first time is that at their current bank, they don’t know who to speak with about their individual or business banking needs.  They are frequently subjected to situations where their loan decisions were being made by someone outside the Rio Grande Valley or in some cases, even outside of Texas.  Unfortunately, the delivery of personal service at larger banks is quickly becoming a lost art.  At Greater State Bank, the art of delivering that personal attention and assisting customers with the many financial challenges they face from time to time is what we do best.

I have been in the banking business for 35 years and after having worked at several larger banking institutions, I am very proud to be part of the Greater State Bank team.  We have a very dedicated group of community bankers and board members who make our customers our number one priority. 

I sincerely hope that you will give Greater State Bank a try and find out for yourself that Genuine Hometown Banking is indeed alive and well in South Texas!


David Salinas
President & CEO